About Us

About Lovely Bee Postpartum Care Centre

Why Us?

Lovely Bee Confinement Care Centre primarily features post-natal care, which is postpartum practice aimed at helping new moms recover from pregnancy, and after giving birth. Our dedicated professional team are always available 24-hours to provide personalized care and support for new mothers during their postpartum month.

As a leading postpartum centre in Kuala Lumpur, we provide physical care and psychological support with the aim of ensuring new moms are healthy and capable of taking care of her baby and is equipped with adequate information she needs about breastfeeding, reproductive health and the imminent life adjustment.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in postpartum care, enabling new moms to have a smooth transition to motherhood.


To be the best confinement center that cares for every mom’s individual needs.


To provide moms with a place like home to recuperate & rejuvenate after giving birth.