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Lovely Bee Confinement Care Centre primarily features post-natal care, which is postpartum practice aimed at helping new moms recover from pregnancy, and after giving birth. Our dedicated professional team are always available 24-hours to provide personalized care and support for new mothers during their postpartum month.

As a leading postpartum centre in Kuala Lumpur, we provide physical care and psychological support with the aim of ensuring new moms are healthy and capable of taking care of her baby and is equipped with adequate information she needs about breastfeeding, reproductive health and the imminent life adjustment.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in postpartum care, enabling new moms to have a smooth transition to motherhood.

Our Services

Rest & Recuperation

Enjoy a relaxed and cozy environment that is ideal for the rest and recuperation needed by a new mom.

Regular Health Checks

Nurses perform daily blood pressure checks to ensure new moms are progressing well in their recovery.

Nutrition That Helps Heal

The food we serve is packed with the right type of nutrition required by new moms.

One to One Guidance

One to one classes will be provided to new moms to guide them on how to care for their newborns.

Jaundice Monitoring

We use the latest equipment to monitor and ensure that baby’s jaundice levels are within control.

Baby Weight Monitoring

All new born babies are weighed daily to ensure that they are feeding and growing well.

Baby Clothes

We provide eco-friendly chemical free reusable diapers for all babies during their stay with us.

Mother's Testimony

Mey Wei

28天的月子休闲之旅完毕了 。。天天准时送餐 吃饱就睡 无忧无虑 的度过我的坐月时光 。这里的负责人Priscilla 和KAKAK的服务态度非常好还有护士24小时轮流照顾我的小坏蛋。。。阿姨煮的食物非常好吃。。在这里也认识了一班头疯的妈咪们,一起吃饭,一起聊天,一起看cctv小宝贝们如何作怪🥰头疯妈咪们一起研究怎样才不会进风😂晚上一起做老鼠找食物吃😱也让我有足够时间好好休息,就好像做了皇后 👸一样。❤️小坏蛋也有小bb的陪伴🥰

Kimmie Lo

Very caring and friendly staffs, food delicious, specially thanks to San who given me helpful info even after my 28days Confinement.

Kent Yung

Reluctant at first but satisfied after my wife stayed for sometime. Great environment with extra caring services provide mothers the utmost comfort to rest and recover from birth. Extra credit for experienced nurse, concerned manager (Sunnie San) and their phototherapy service for babies in need (Jaundice Treatment). Thumbs up

Mandy Loke

I happy to stay at this centre for 28days compare to confinement at home. It is stress free and food delicious. Aunty cooking is yummy. Every night drink different type of soup. Nurses are very caring and take good care of my bb during my stay here. There is nurses which take care bb 24hour a day. I can spend time breast feeding or pump milk every day. My bb weight had increase to 1kg during her stay at the centre.

Sophia Chan

这是我第一次入住月子中心,Lovely Bee 是一家值得推荐的月子护理中心。 这里有专业的护士24小时轮流照顾baby,让我很放心充分地休息。我与我的丈夫全天候可以通过手机链接的cctv,观察宝宝的一举一动。 这里煮饭的Aunty 准备的28天的月子餐也很棒😄,让我每天都期待着吃饭时间😂,每天晚上都有不一样的药材补汤来进补身体。 Kakak Ela 也每天准时的打扫房间,准备水给我们洗澡抹身,叫妈咪们吃饭,好像妈妈每天叫我们吃饭那样😂 ,也会跟我说说笑笑让我可以解闷😄 也要感谢这里的负责人 Priscilla,服务态度非常好,解答我的任何需求和问题。 感觉好像度假那样😂很休闲的在这里度过我的28天!

Jenny Liew Yen Nee

不错的月子中心。这次第二胎的月子相比第一胎的确很放松不会累,妈妈我的确可以完完全全休息到。而且,这一胎非常成功喂宝宝母乳,因为有很厉害的urut kakak帮你通乳腺,通了奶水滚滚来哦✌除此之外,我也非常喜欢这里的食物,安娣都超级厉害煮的,超级好吃,每次都要加饭呢🤣🤣🤣 还有,这里的kakak ila真的很热情,每次都会和我们这些妈妈聊聊天说笑话,这样月子生活也不会闷。在这里我也认识到很多妈妈朋友,大家每天都互相分享妈妈经,时间就更快过了。

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