Services For Mummy

Here are some of the services you will enjoy when you stay with us during your confinement.

Rest & Recuperation

Enjoy a relaxed and cozy environment that is ideal for the rest and recuperation needed by a new mom.

Regular Health Checks

Nurses perform daily blood pressure checks to ensure new moms are progressing well in their recovery.

Nutrition That Helps Heal

The food we serve is packed with the right type of nutrition required by new moms.

Weekly Parenthood Activities

Opportunities to share experiences and socialize with other new moms staying at our center.

Services For Baby

We’ll be with new moms every step of the way giving them 24-hour support with the baby and making sure you are equipped with the adequate information you need about breastfeeding, reproductive health and the imminent life adjustment.

Jaundice Monitoring

We use the latest equipment to monitor and ensure that baby’s jaundice levels are within control.

Baby Weight Monitoring

All new born babies are weighed daily to ensure that they are feeding and growing well.

Baby Massage Therapy Class

A visiting professional will teach moms how to massage their babies in a soothing way while creating important bonding through the power of touch.

Baby Clothes

We provide eco-friendly chemical free reusable diapers for all babies during their stay with us.